The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is Europe’s biggest student organisation. It is our task to help international students with their social integration in their guest city and university.

At the moment, ESN is active in 40 European countries and contains about 15,000 volunteer members (34,000 including buddies) working in over 530 local sections.

ESN was founded on October 16, 1989, as addition to the Erasmus program, to support and foster the development of student mobility in Europe and enable guest students and local students to gain international experience. The aims and priniciples of ESN are as follows:


  • works in the interest of international students  
  • works to improve the social and practical integration of international students
  • represents the needs and rights of international students on the local, national, and international level
  • provides relevant information about mobility programmes
  • motivates students to study abroad
  • works with the reintegration of homecoming students
  • contributes to the improvement and accessibility of student mobility
  • cares about its members
  •  values volunteering and active citizenship

Click for further information about the international and national structure of ESN and the local work of ESN Graz.