You already read some general information about ESN and may wonder, how its structure works. Basically, our network is active on three levels:


International level:

Here, the International Board coordinates the international activities of the network in Europe and is elected by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for one year. Further, several comittees, organisations and such are part of the international level. For more information: ESN International


National level:

This level basically consists of the National Board and its board helpers, who mainly act as project coordinators. The National Board is elected by the National Platform (NP) for one year and coordinates the activities of the sections. It is also the connection link between the local and the international level. For more information: ESN Austria

Local level:  

The local level means the over 530 local sections of the Erasmus Student Network. It consists of the local team members, buddies and the Local Board. The Local Board is elected by the team members for one year.  At the moment, the local level in Austria consists of 16 sections.
These are our sections:

esn austria.png














Click here to get to know the work of your local section ESN Graz.