The ESNcard is the official member card of the Erasmus Student Network and available at our offices. It accompanies you throughout your time as exchange student and provides you with various advantages and discounts. Besides, it is also your membership card for the international ESN Community and thus valid in many countries.


You can buy the card during our office hours for 5 Euros. Please also bring a small picture of you, an ID and a document proving your exchange in Graz.

There is always a discount for our organised events for participants with ESNcard.


To get your ESNcard faster in our office hours you can pre-register here. You will get an email containing all information needed to collect your card.

The ESNcard is valid for one year and it's only valid with a picture!!!



Who can buy an ESNcard?

The ESNcard can be bought by exchange students and local buddies.

I already have an ESNcard – can I also use it in Graz?

If your ESNcard is still vaild (generally not older than one year), you can also use it in Graz for various benefits and discounts. If you come in our office hours to sign up for an event, we might ask you again for your contact information to register your card in Graz.

Why do I have to give my contact information during the registration for the ESNcard?

If you sign up for an event, which is organised by ESN Graz, we need your email address and phone number to contact you in case we have to cancel the event or tell you further information about it. By giving us your contact information during your ESNcard registration, we can do your event registration in an easier and quicker way. Of course your contact information won’t be passed on to third parties.

I lost my ESNcard/my ESNcard was stolen – what should I do?

If you have lost your ESNcard, you unfortunately have to buy a new one. If your ESNcard was stolen, please bring a report of theft (when you report a theft at the police, you get a confirmation with you) – in this case you get a new ESNcard for free.