What is a Buddy?

Buddies are local students who assist international students like you during their exchange at the University of Graz. Be aware that all students who participate in the ESN Buddy Programme are helping you voluntarily! Their motivation is to learn more about your culture, to enhance their language skills and to hang out with you! The ESN Buddy Programme starts upon your arrival in Graz and continues well past the semester. Buddies assist you in easing into your new life as a student in Graz and help you to settle in. On your arrival in Graz your Buddy will usually pick you up at the airport or train station and accompany you to your new apartment. Therefore, it is important to contact your Buddy before your arrival in Graz to tell them when and where they shall pick you up and where you will stay during your exchange in Graz (to organise the key).

How does the ESN Buddy Programme work and what can you expect?
You can apply for a Buddy prior to your arrival in Graz. We recommend participating in this program because it is a unique opportunity to make international friends! The ESN Buddy Programme is organised in groups so your Buddy or your Buddies might care for serval incoming students.

What else can you expect from your Buddy Group?
It is completely up to your group whether you will be hanging out with your Buddy after the Welcome Week at the university or not. However, ask your Buddy for help if you have any questions and they will try their best to help you throughout the semester.

Other advantages of a Buddy Group:
- exploring your new environment
- learning more about Austrian culture
- language and cultural exchange
- doing different kinds of leisure activities together
- making new friends

How to apply for a Buddy Group for the winter term 2023/24?

You can apply for a Buddy if you are going to study at University of Graz (Karl-Franzens-Universität), FH Joanneum, Medical University, University of Music and Performing Arts, University of Technology Graz (TU Graz) or if you are going to do an internship in Graz. To do so, please follow this link and make sure to carefully read and follow the instructions!

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us!