*** This website is still under construction, please check our official website for latest events & updates: https://esn.htugraz.at/

Welcome to the website of ESN Uni Graz!

We are an non-profit student organisation and take care of incoming students during their stay in Graz. Here's a short summary of what we do:

  • the buddy programme (Uni Graz and TU Graz)
  • helpful information about Graz
  • organised events for incoming students and how you can participate and
  • the ESNcard, included discounts and a free SIM card

Here you can find our more useful link: https://linktr.ee/esn.graz

Here is our OFFICIAL website, where you can find our latest updates: https://esn.htugraz.at/

The easiest way to contact us: [email protected]

See you soon,

your ESN Uni Graz Team