As it's not difficult to hear from different media, friends or fellow humans, the so called coronavirus/COVID-19 circulates.The Austrian government asks you to reduce your physical social contacts to a minimum. Universities switch to distant learning,
classroom teaching will switch to virtual teaching as far as possible. Austria will reduce business to a necessary level beginning 

from Monday, 16th of March, 2020 - daily life will be limited to provision with basic supplies.

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Obligation of face mask - mechanical safeguard must be worn, protective masks will be distributed e.g. by supermarkets. With other persons a distance of one metre must be maintained. There is a restraining order in every public space with the exception listed:

  • professional activity
  • errands to cover essential human needs of daily life
    (gradually more and more shops will be opened again, but as always still keep distance)

  • assistance and support of needy people
  • to go outside (e.g. to take a walk or for running) - but only alone, with people you are living with in the same household, or with pets

The compliance with the measures initiated will be controlled by the executive.


With 28th of April 2020 the Austrian government is relaxing the restrictions, announces good news and declares within the so-called "phase two":

From 1st of May, 2020:

  • curfew expires
    (it is allowed to leave the house at any time and for any purpose)

  • meetings up to 10 people are allowed
    (as long as you keep the safety distance of 1 metre)

From 15th of May, 2020:

  • restaurants and zoological gardens are allowed to visit
    (gastronomy: max. of 4 adults and children around one table, which is not allowed to be choosen yourself - reservation recommended, a distance of one metre to other groups must be maintained, no face masks needed for guests)

From 29th of May, 2020:

  • hotels, public swimming pools, leisure facilities are allowed to use


Important - still valid: masks and keep distance! And not everything, that is not forbidden, would be wise!


With 29th of May 2020 the Austrian government is relaxing the restrictions once again, announces good news and declares:

From 15th of June, 2020:

  • pubs are allowed to open until 1.00 a.m.
    (instead until 11.00 p.m.)

  • gastronomy: more than 4 persons around one table are allowed
    (as long as you keep the safety distance of 1 metre)

  • masks are not needed any more in super markets
    still valid in public transport, health sector like pharmacy, and services where a distance of 1 metre could not be maintained, e.g. hairdresser)


Important: Universities could have even stricter restrictions internally and keeping distance is still valid! And not everything, that is not forbidden, would be wise!




Universities in Graz installed websites, which provide general information about the virus, how to take care, how we are affected at the university and taken measures, as well as further links. The information will be updated constantly.


Graz University of Technology:

Official announcements here and here (for English version scroll down). For all members (international student, guest or staff) more detailed here* and here* - you will also find information sheets there. And there are available detailed answers to Frequently Asked Questions about lectures and courses (for English version scroll down) as well.

*) TU Graz login required


University of Graz:

Information will be published through the live-ticker here (German only). Furthermore there is a general information.


Generally for Austria:

Expert information and answers to frequently asked questions you will find at the website of AGES (German only).

Also the Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection informs comprehensively
(updates in the German version are always a bit ahead and often the english version is taken offline in meantime)!


A brief guide to what you need to know about the virus in Austria could be found on the website of Austria's radio station FM4 (in English, authored on 30th of March, 2020).

As well the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF offers information in different languages (constituted on 19th of March, 2020).



As part of the local students' union at TU Graz (HTU Graz, German only) as well as closely linked to the universities we feel obliged to support the university at best to avoid further infections. Also we want to make a contribution towards protecting our fellow humans and in the interest of our society.

To containing a dissemination of COVID-19 we will therefore limit the services too. We ask you to consider the following measures and thank you for your understanding!


Office Hours:

Pending further notice there won't be held any office hours physically, but you are free to contact us and we will try our best to give you help and advice!



All events in summer term 2020 are cancelled and we will try our best to organise some other attractive and entertaining activities (for further details please check out our event calendar and our newsletter!). Please get in touch with us, if you are expecting some participation fee refunds.


ESN Austria has also installed a central info page (including current hygienic measures). A research on the impact of COVID-19 on student mobility could also be found on their page.


Don't forget - everyone of us has the responsibility in acting! Let's look at one another :)

All the best,
ESN Graz team