Do you like animals and do you want to join a social acitivity together with other Erasmus students? Then join us on Friday, 1st of December, for our visit at Arche Noah.

The Arche Noah is an animal shelter in Graz. There you can go for a walk with dogs or you can pet cats. The animals enjoy some fondness and the walk in the nature. You will need an official ID at the event, for the registration directly at the animal shelter. 


When: Tuesday, 24th of April 2018

Where: Arche Noah, Neufeldweg 211

Meeting Point: 2pm at tram stop (tram 4) Liebenau Murpark

Costs: 5€ deposit which you'll get back at the event; you also need valid tickets for public transport

Sign up: During our office hours, from 10th of April- 20th of November 2018


PLEASE NOTE: When you take part in one of our trips, you do so at your own risk! We do not take any responsibility! Make sure that you have an appropriate insurance!

24/04/2018 - 14:00