Usually every 14 days on Wednesday there is the Erasmus regular's table (Stammtisch). At the Stammtisch you, mentors (buddies) and hopefully our staff members too will come together for a relaxed evening. Easy talk, interesting discussions and fun while having your favourite drink at the same time in a beautiful location. Sometimes there are special evenings.

When: Starting time is always 20:00 
Where: Brau32 (Leonhardstraße 32) *NEW*
Bring your ESNcard! With the ESNcard you can get cheaper drinks and food. Show your ESNcard  before you order a drink! It is important to show it before you order, else you will not get the reduction.

To avoid some misconception that people had of the Stammtisch in the past: The idea of the regular's table is to have a place to meet regularly, have a drink (or two), talk and get to know people, and to have a good time. It is not a fulminant party with dancing and everything (we will have those as well, though the idea is a different one).

Get to know people, meet people that you wouldn't meet if you stayed at home, make new friends! :-)

04/12/2019 - 20:00