Inspired by the band of Erasmus students “Rainbox” and in cooperation with them we are glad to invite you to our first ESN Jam Session. Come to plunge into music, play yourself or listen to the others jamming and to enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the evening.



Bring along guitar, violin, flute, drummer, shaker, triangle or anything that makes fun for you. You may also use your voice! There is a possibility to plug e-instruments as well.

The entrance is free. Some snacks and soft drinks will be provided by ESN. You can bring your favourite drinks along!

To let us organise this event as good as possible and in terms of the limited room capacity we would like you to register until 13.01, 11 p.m.


NOTE: Because we will be in the student dormitory, please be quiet in the building not to disturb people living there. Our location will be in the cellar and there we can have a lot of fun:)

  • Start: 20 p.m.
  • Where: Leechgasse 24 (Quartier Leech), house bar in the cellar (use main entrance in Leechgasse 24).
  • Costs: Entrance free.
14/01/2015 - 20:00